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The 3 magic techniques for setting up any team

Even though I have described my 15 proven techniques for teams there is something you should know…


You only need 3 of them to sort out 90% of the problems in the team setup phase

And if this phase is not done properly none of the other phases really matter anyway

A team in this phase must get 4 things straight:

1. WHY should we work together?

2. WHAT should we do together?

3. WHO should do what?

4. HOW should we work together?

So if there are 4 questions then how come only 3 techniques?


You always have to answer 2 of the questions at any one time - never just one – like double entry book-keeping!

Imagine the 4 interlocking rings of the audi car company:



So heres the 3 magic techniques:

Instant Team answers the Why and the What

Team Karma answers the What and the Who

Ground Rules answers the Who and the How


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