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Tech#05: Creating The Team Karma

How to balance personal team member expectations with inputs

Here’s what the leader needs to do – step by step!

Click on this link to see a fully completed karma spreadsheet which you can tailor for your group

  • STEP 1.
  • Articulate the VISION for the team (ending with some real concrete specifics)
  • STEP 2.
  • Communicate the vision to the team at a Team Session (Workshop 1)
  • Don’t go into a group discussion on it - that will come later
  • Then outline the process you will be following with them (not in any detail) to see where (if anywhere) they fit
  • STEP 3
  • Request they individually email you on their comments in your vision (comments - what they like, don't like, think is missing - not questions!!!!!)
  • Also what specifically they wish to get out of working with you (part 1 of Karma)
  • STEP 4
  • Consolidate this for yourself and see how it looks
  • STEP 5
  • Develop a list of the top 20 tasks which will have to be done to deliver the VISION - group the tasks into the relevant roles (Karma part 2 prep)
  • STEP 6
  • Create the karma spreadsheet you can use to gather and consolidate the info
  • STEP 7
  • Have another team meeting (workshop 2) to present back their comments on your vision (and how you may have adjusted it), their consolidated wants (not identifying individuals) and explain the spreadsheet
  • STEP 8
  • Now request each team member individually indicate what they will take responsibility for on this list by filling out the spreadsheet (Karma part 2 execution)
  • STEP 9
  • Consolidate their inputs (Karma part 2) and see for yourself what the gaps are
  • STEP 10
  • Have a team session (Workshop 3) where you present it to them, along with the consequences
  • At the end request they now go back and make their new "offers" to you and on this basis you will select your team
  • STEP 11
  • Receive their new offers and see if they cover enough for you to fly!
  • STEP 12
  • Assuming they do - have 1-1 conversations with your team members to finalise and commit their new offers


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